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Watch the following video from the YouTube Creators channel on how to earn money on YouTube. Help Center

c) The review is mostly either one or five stars: If a review sounds too positive or too negative, it may be an attempt from a fake reviewer trying to dramatically increase or diminish the average rating for the product or service. It's time to turn off fake online reviews and take the necessary steps to mitigate the risks of the wave of fake reviews. While there's no clear answer on how to resolve the issue, it's a wise strategy for businesses to partner with social media platforms to better understand how fake reviewers get recruited. Finding ways to shut down this activity would be like striking gold. It would bring down unlawful activities on social media platforms, increase trust in e-commerce platforms and enable a satisfying experience for consumers.

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Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous sellers who commission positive reviews in order to mislead buyers into purchasing their second-rate goods. This deceitful practice means buyers often waste their time trying to return the inferior product and even lose their money in some instances. Using ReviewMeta is simple: just copy and paste an Amazon URL and press Go. ReviewMeta will return an Adjusted Rating of reviews from only legitimate buyers, with the 'unnatural' reviews filtered out.

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Ultimately, books shouldn't cost you the world, but do your research and get a good estimate of what your overall expenses might be per sale or per month. A simple budget tracker in Notion or any other tool of your choice could be a great help, too. While Amazon takes care of marketing your used books on its platform, you can promote them on your social networks or website. If you're starting a book reselling business, such assets and strategies are essential.

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